30 Artists On My iTouch Today

I have been having some trouble recently with my iTouch, so I decided to wipe it clean and restore it to the original settings, which means all my music, videos and pictures are gone.  It was late in the evening when I did this and I was too tired to start putting music back on, so I went to bed.

This morning I was sad at the thought of not having any music to play at work, so I quickly downloaded our “purchased” folder from our iTunes library without looking to see what was in the folder.  What an education I received today when I began playing the music.  About 95% of the songs were ones that my daughters had purchased.  Here is what I had to listen to all day today:

  1. Akon featuring Eminem
  2. Aly & A.J.
  3. Mamma Mia Soundtrack
  4. Ashley Tisdale
  5. Carrie Underwood
  6. Chris Brown
  7. Corbin Bleu
  8. High School Musical 3 Soundtrack
  9. David Archuleta
  10. Camp Rock Soundtrack
  11. How to Eat Fried Worms Soundtrack
  12. Theme from Scarface (my husband’s purchase)
  13. Emily Osment
  14. Hannah Montana
  15. Jason Mraz
  16. Jesse McCartney
  17. Nancy Drew Soundtrack
  18. JoJo
  19. Jonas Brothers
  20. Jordin Sparks
  21. Kellie Pickler
  22. Lady Ga Ga
  23. Leona Lewis
  24. Miley Cyrus
  25. Sara Bareilles
  26. Selena Gomez
  27. Sugarland
  28. Taylor Swift
  29. Vanessa Hudgens
  30. Weird Al Yankovic (no one claims to have purchased this song)

I’m not saying that these artists aren’t good; but just not exactly what this 40 year-old woman wanted to listen to all day.  Think I will wipe it clean – again.


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